Children raised in abusive environments without proper intervention are often so traumatized that they become abusers as adults. Bat Melech not only provides a safe haven for these women and children, but also serves as a crucial stopgap to breaking the cycle of intergenerational violence.

When a woman makes the decision to come to Bat Melech, she is leaving everything familiar to her for the opportunity to give herself and her children a future. Bat Melech eases this transition by providing a warm, supportive and nurturing environment in a Jewish context, where women know that they will find strictly kosher food and a Sabbath-friendly environment.


Though there are fourteen shelters in Israel, only two of these shelters (founded and operated by Bat Melech) serve the religious community and provide these crucial services.

Click here for statistics about the number of women and children Bat Melech has served.

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