Bat Melech provides shelter, childcare, therapeutic counseling, legal services and transitional aid to women and children who flee from dangerous home situations. Bat Melech operates two shelters, one in Beit Shemesh and one in Jerusalem, and provides services to over 1,500 women each year.

In addition to providing food, shelter and childcare services, Bat Melech women undergo a process of intensive therapy and counseling during their stay at the shelter. Most shelter residents stay with Bat Melech for an average of six months, during which they undergo a transformation from broken victims to strong, empowered women and mothers.

Bat Melech also operates a fully functional legal department known as the Israel Center for Family Justice, and oversees the Nigunim shelter for religious teenage girls who have found themselves on the streets. Bat Melech’s work is varied, but contains a common theme: to promote the wellbeing, health and safety of Jewish women and children throughout Israel.

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