The Israel Center for Family Justice offers a wide range of crucial, complimentary services. Read more about our work below.

Legal Counsel and Representation
Detailed individual assistance is available to women through the Bat Melech Israel Center for Family Justice. Once the hotline determines that the woman is in need of a more comprehensive treatment, she will be referred to the legal aid caseworkers who will help her with all aspects of her case. This includes help with submitting the appropriate claims, writing letters, and dealing with the authorities.

The Israel Center for Family Justice provides women in need with legal representation in both the civil and rabbinic courts depending on the case and the desires of the woman.

Financial Arrangements
Every woman’s financial situation is taken into account when we decide on the level of monetary participation that we will provide. Women who have no income or assets are eligible to receive all legal assistance for free. Women are only asked to pay what they can afford; and if she can not afford any of the costs, her services are free.

Anonymity can be maintained by the women using the legal aid services as long as it does not impair the legal advice being given.

Social Support
Legal proceedings are sometimes so traumatic for our clients that they return to abusive husbands in despair. Long divorce proceedings or custody battles can erode their determination, if they do not have a shoulder to lean on or a friend to stand by their side. The Center therefore employs a social worker, psychologist and volunteers to help the women overcome their emotional problems from the abuse they suffered, and to have the strength to continue with the divorce proceedings.

Abuse chips away at a woman’s self confidence. Therapy helps them build a new sense of self. Studies have shown that once a woman participates in therapy, she is less likely to return to her husband.

Many of the women Bat Melech treats are second generation of abuse. We are helping break the cycle of violence.

Advocating Change
In order to provide the best service, Bat Melech has found it is not enough to work case by case, it is also necessary to lobby the government and advocate in the courts to effect change and ensure that institutional reforms and changes are made on behalf of women.

Read an Interview with Malka Igra, Adv, Head of Bat Melech’s Legal Aid Team in our July-August 2014 Newsletter.