Adina Bar Shalom visits Bat Melech

Matzav Ruach – June 17, 2014

Rabbanit Adina Bar-Shalom, Israel Prize Winner and daughter of Rav Ovadia Yosef ztz”l, spent her Sunday afternoon with Bat Melech.

Rabbanit Bar-Shalom, a fearless advocate for women’s education in Israel and the founding director of women’s schools for higher education in the Haredi community, had the opportunity to individually meet with […]

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IDC International Radio – Short Interview with Amy Oppenheimer

A concise interview summarizing many important aspects of the work that Bat Melech does, including how we have managed to consistently assist battered women from escaping their abuse with a level of success that is above ‘industry’ standards.

Also some of the unique challenges and characteristics of a shelter designed for religious women.

(Running time: +/- […]

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One Woman’s Understanding of Real Independence

Breaking Israel News – May 14, 2014

A former resident of Bat Melech shares her experiences as an abused wife who sought and found freedom, in this moving personal essay (translated by Amy Beth Oppenheimer).

Read the article online

Read the same article as it appeared in the Jerusalem Post, May 9, […]

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Bat Melech Newsletter – March / April 2014

We’re pleased to share with you Bat Melech’s March-April newsletter. The newsletter is a wonderful way to stay updated on the exciting work that we are doing at our shelters in Jerusalem and Central Israel, as well as our initiatives for the prevention of domestic violence throughout the country.

The newsletter includes an update on the […]

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נושאות הלפיד

ישראל היום – אמילי עמרוסי 18.04.2014

נח קורמן, מנכ”ל בת מלך, נבחר ע”י העיתון “ישראל היום” כמדליק משואה אלטרנטיבי כאות הוקרה על מאמציו ופועלו למען נשים נפגעות אלימות מהמגזר הדתי-חרדי

לקריאת המאמר

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צילית יעקובסון נבחרה לאחת ממאה הנשים הדתיות המשפיעות

מגזין ‘נשים” מקור ראשון – 04.2014


יו”ר בת מלך הגב’ צילית יעקובסון נבחרה על ידי מגזין ‘נשים’ לאחת ממאה הנשים הדתיות המשפיעות בקטגורית ‘חסד’



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Radio Cosmopolitan – Interview with Amy Oppenheimer, our North American Director

Amy Oppenheimer, our North American Director, was invited onto a radio show to speak about Bat Melech and some the work that we do.

Listen to the Interview

(Running time: +/- 1 hour)

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Even as I Walk In The Shadow Of Death…

The Jewish Press – By Emile Amrousi, March 21 to April 4, 2014

They arrive here in a blind rush, at times in the middle of the night, wearing nothing more than pajamas, an attempt to escape years of sadistic abuse.

Read part one of the article online

Read part two of […]

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Sally Oren and Hadassah Lieberman write about their visit to Bat Melech Shelters

The Jewish Week – March 17, 2014

Sally Oren, wife of former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren, and Hadassah Lieberman, wife of former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, recently visited Bat Melech’s shelters in Israel.

Here is their account of their simultaneously heart-wrenching and heartwarming experience.

Read the article

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Saving the King’s daughters

The Jewish Standard – By Abigail Klein Leichman, Feb. 27, 2014

Shelter in Israel shields religious victims of domestic abuse

Noach Korman is one of those rare men who sees a societal problem and cannot turn the other way.

The problem was battered women among Israel’s religious population. His response, the organization Bat Melech (Daughter of the […]

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